Sing Your Praises to the Lord!

 Join us on Thursday evenings at 7pm in the new worship center to go over the congregational songs for Sunday worship service and grow our repetoire of choir specials!  We sing together about Jesus, for He is our Lord, our strength and our song! 

Here's our Easter 2024 message in song:  

Easter 2024 - choir message

By Choir • Sunday, March 24, 2024

This Is Our God....He Loves Us, He Saves Us

We also host a concert on Second Saturday of certain calendar months at 7pm that we call "Simply Sharing."  Sometimes the music is home-grown and other times we have invited special guests. Check out upcoming schedule on our Events page.  Here are a couple examples from 2023:

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Simply Sharing Christmas 2023

By music • Saturday, December 9, 2023

Song of Joy! from the HopeWELL Choir

Simply Sharing June 2023

By music • Saturday, June 10, 2023

A few of HopeWELL's own share songs praising our LORD!


If music (voice or instrument) is your talent, please don't hesitate to contact our Music Director, Rhonda Boggs.  We'd love for you to share as we find creative ways to include music in our worship services!




Any questions, just contact the church and we'll get you the info you need.